Rose Park

Getting to know Rose Park

Close to downtown Salt Lake City, the Rose Park neighborhood takes its name from the area’s original developer, a gentleman who loved his flowers, in particular roses. In fact, one of Rose Park’s primary streets is named American Beauty Drive and is laid-out in the shape of a — wait for it — long-stem rose. An unpretentious enclave located within the boundaries of the Salt Lake City School District, Rose Park is west of the northwest slope of Capitol Hill and north of the Fairpark and Glendale neighborhoods. Rose Park is generally referred to as one of the more affordable communities within the greater Salt Lake City area and is filled with red-brick bungalows, cottages and ramblers that echo the 1950’s style apropos of the era of their construction.

Situated on decent-sized lots on tree-lined streets, these relatively modest homes were thought to be quite spacious at the time they were built, but now they are most-often starter homes for young families. As far as the size of the homes goes, a speedy anecdotal survey (admittedly non-scientific but hang with me…) of recent home-sales showed that while some homes were cozy two-bedroom plans (the smallest we saw was 700 square-feet), most had three bedrooms (and either one or two bathrooms) and were in the neighborhood of 1,400 to 1,500 square-feet. (For those looking for a slightly larger home, there were a few five-bedroom outliers with approximately 1,800 square-feet.) Some of these reasonably priced homes have been renovated; others are considered as opportunities for personalization and renovation.

The Feel

After World War II, America’s GIs were welcomed home with great warmth and fanfare and affordably priced neighborhoods (such as Rose Park) were designed to meet the needs of these much-admired battle-weary servicemen and their families. Indeed, a wealth of post-war cottages and bungalows quickly sprang up across the country dotting the nation’s residential landscape with grassy yards and leafy trees providing plenty of places for the kids (who became known as the Baby Boomer generation) to play tag-you’re-it and hide-and-seek until momma turned the porchlight on.

Originally home to a hard-working cadre of predominantly blue-collar workers, some areas of Rose Park are becoming just a tad gentrified — and as with so many communities in the U.S., this is to the chagrin of some residents and the blessings of others. Residents have a high degree of community spirit, as denoted in the fact that Rose Park is home to a number of civic groups and charitable organizations, including the Lions Club and similar entities. Meanwhile, kids’ sporting events make up a big part of the community’s collective activities.

Featuring easy access to I-15 and I-215, Rose Park is said to be moderately walkable with numerous shortcuts to churches, parks and the like. Within the community, you’ll find several family-owned restaurants and stores, a public golf course, at least two parks and playgrounds, multiple soccer and baseball fields, a public library, a community garden and lots of green space and mature trees. Cyclists enjoy living in Rose Park since it connects to the Jordan River Parkway bike trail. If you asked residents what they most appreciate about living in Rose Park, you’re likely to hear them say that the community is affordable, quiet and offers proximity to downtown and the airport.

An Incredible Location

Things To Do

Located close to downtown Salt Lake City, the affordable Rose Park neighborhood takes its name from the area’s original developer, a gentleman who loved flowers, in particular roses. The streets in Rose Park tend to be lined with leafy trees and the homes often have grassy yards perfect for young families with children. Golf-aficionados like living in Rose Park since it features an 18-hole public course, while cyclists also enjoy living in Rose Park since it taps into the Jordan River Parkway bike trail.

Here’s just a small sampling of what else there is to do and see in the Rose Park area of Salt Lake City.

Parks and outdoor venues
The Rose Park neighborhood is home to at least two public parks, the primary one being Rosewood Park which boasts multi-purpose fields, a skate park and many more amenities.
Additional outdoor amenities scattered across the Rose Park neighborhood include:
  • Playgrounds
  • Community tennis courts
  • Multiple soccer and baseball fields
  • Large community garden
  • Eco-garden
  • Pavilions

Parks Family-friendly events and activities
  • Annual spring festival with plenty of food, crafts, entertainment, dancers, music, a silent auction and a 5K run
  • Neighborhood community soccer matches
  • Plenty of kids’ sporting events
  • Events and activities at the local public library

Parks Rose Park Golf Course
Eminently playable for a variety of skill-levels, the 18-hole Rose Park Golf Course features well-manicured fairways and beautiful mature pine and willow trees. Designed by Mick Riley, the course opened in 1959 and features tee-lengths ranging from 5,708 yards to 6,898 yards.
  • Practice greens
  • Chipping areas
  • Driving range
  • Café
  • PGA-certified instructors

Parks Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex
Among other amenities, the Salt Lake Regional Athletic Complex (RAC) features numerous sports-fields that host a wealth of events, tournaments and everyday play. Popular sports include lacrosse, rugby, soccer and quidditch (you have to be a Harry Potter fan to understand…). The RAC also holds Special Olympics events.

Parks Restaurants and eateries
In Rose Park, you’ll find several small family-owned restaurants including those that specialize in Mexican food and other ethnic cuisine.